• Connexion Wi-Fi (free)
  • Parking privé (free)
  • Réception ouverte de 7h00 à 21h30
  • Bagagerie
  • Room service
  • Babysitting with reservation *
  • Laundry service (free)
  • Currency Exchange
  • Beach service
  • Car rental, de motos ou de vélos
  • Shuttle service airport or port *
  • Lunchbox *
  • Massage with essential oils *

* avec supplément

Your hosts Catherine and Bertrand

They are both here for you. Bertrand you organize excursions magic, prepares tasty cocktails, exchange your money, takes care of your wi-fi connections, a mot, the householder is there when you need it ... Catherine, it, concocts all kinds of dishes, prepares jams for breakfast and makes, in your room, everything goes well. Nectarios les aide en toutes choses, et assure parfois la direction de l’hôtel en leur absence.

Your holiday and leisure

Bertrand et Nectarios sont vos chauffeurs pour les excursions en voiture ou en bateau. Joël ou Jean-Claude vous accompagne à pied ou en VTT.

Your menus with your stove chief Catherine.

Aidée par Lucia et Monica, blown papaya, lobster stew or pineapple lollipops dark chocolate have no secrets for them two. Grâce à Francienne, homemade bread and fresh fruit juices in season ...

Vos plaisirs de bouche avec Monica, Clémentine et Joël

Monica et Clémentine s’occupe de vous servir à table avec comme devise, never leave you "missing". Joel is the assistant bartender, and Bertrand, élabore des Pinacoladas ou autres cocktails avant de vos les poser sur un plateau…

Votre confort avec Eliane et Francienne

Patricia made sure they never fail you anything in your room and in your bathrooms. It also provides you daily breakfast. It is
also your seamstress. A garment washing,it is the competence of Patricia and it's free.

Votre détente avec Cathy et Florence

They are two of you provide "breaks" in palpate-roll with the essential oils of Madagascar. 1h00 massage for your pleasure !

Votre farniente au soleil avec Stephan

Stephan entretient l’espace vert et la plage. It ensures that both places are a reflection of our philosophy : ecological green. Every day, garden and beach are net.

Your peace with Patrick and Sergio

Patrick and Sergio provide you the permanence of comfort with generators and all motorized vehicles. They also handle your luggage.