To discover Sainte Marie and its many facets, St. Mary Lodge offers more than twenty more beautiful than the other excursions, always accompanied by a guide or driver.
With the boat, the "whales" outputs, the trolling, or underwater gun, trips or several days around the island, or on the east coast of Madagascar, magical and breathtaking !
A pied, en VTT, 4×4, all kinds of escapades around the island, to discover beautiful places, and the endemic fauna and flora of the island… A true sensory experience …
What to spend up to fifteen days without getting bored one second !

THE cocoteraie

Nothing but the road shines under the sun. Two or three climbs that you sometimes require them to dismount if you are cycling, but a pleasant walk ; along creeks beachfront you through charming villages. Their inhabitants will offer to cinnamon or green pepper, some women can make you be doing you hair in braids or you dress pareos. Arrival on the beach of Coconut for a swim on a sandy beach before returning to the hotel.

Duration : ½ day

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Departure 7:30. A Tour Anivorano south to Ile aux mats : the whole day to explore this small island in its entirety, stopping the passage a little time Ambodifotatra, the chief town of Sainte Marie. After crossing a small canoe, Walking around the island to Mats : lemurs free, extremely rare purple orchids and beautiful beaches. A short walk takes you to a lagoon which makes the color of the turquoise sea as a postcard, and a swim at the southern tip of the island in a lagoon before extraordinary picnic or enjoy a meal .

Duration : Day

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In 4×4, you "get" in town, à Ambodifotatra. After a visit to the vegetable market, craft shops, you will discover the oldest Catholic churches in Madagascar, all dressed in white and red.
You will continue this historic journey to the island across the bay pirates Pirates canoe, mangroves quand au milieu de la mer est haute. From 1685, pirates, forbans, flibustes and other buccaneers are a protected landmark. They attack ships from India and make St. Mariel'île all pirates. Big names rub shoulders piracy so this island such as French Plentain, la Buse, American Thomas Tew and especially the English Thomas White seems, almost undoubtedly, the father of the first king of the island betsimisaraka, which bear thereafter Queen Bety, the most famous queen of Sainte-Marie.
The cemetery pirates piously preserved the memory of the ancestors of the sea pirates who had their kingdom. This ballad ends with a picnic on the beaches of South, or a meal in many hotels and restaurants in the south.

Duration : Day , en VTT pour cyclistes entraînes.

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By a through track from west to east with varied landscapes, you reach the large village center island, Sahasifra, recognizable by a white sculpture in the shape of Madagascar at the entrance of the village.
After bifurcated at this location, you arrive after a leafy path and a beautiful coconut grove on Clipper Bay, stretched on 5 kms of sand along a lagoon paradise.
De là, after a swim in the Indian Ocean and possibly a turquoise green fishing "tek tek", you leave to Sahasifra, then the village of Anafiafa and restaurant Louise, Paradise Ampanihy. Louise you cook crab mangrove and coconut sauce chicken to perfection.
Before or after meals, Promenade in pirogue, in the mangroves of the Bay Ampanihy, bras ce mi-mer, mi-rivière, where shrimp abound between mangrove roots.
On the way back, a lovely swimming awaits you, in freshwater waterfall Ankiriry.

Duration : Day ; ATV for trained cyclists.

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Foaming in green chromes, blue, white and gray !
Natural pools are near the village of Ambodirano you pick the look, at the northern tip of St. Mary, at the end of a beautiful red clay track.
Le fady (prohibited) this sacred place, put your feet in the water with his shoes but once removed, you can throw coins in one of the pools to make a wish, or swim along the immense beaches protected by a granite barrier.
A diner on the beach, Chez Emile, serves one of the best lobster on the island, facing the ocean swells.
After the meal, a walk of half an hour takes you to the beautiful view of the beach of the East ... 15 km of sanding !
For fans of bodyboarding, the last pool will give you the pleasures of

Duration : Day

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Departure to 8:00 to avoid the hot and you're off on a road trip to the village well to cross from west to east of the island. Trees "grésillia", a plain raffia, Cassava, the lingoza (red and black seed), plants that heal wounds, the fruit of the fern Tsitrapanga used for Chinese soups and many other plant and animal species that you will discover as you walk your. After crossing rice, and the dam, walking takes place in primary forest "Añalan-Janhan" where eucalyptus set the tone, are not present or in close you will also find this funny bird, black drongo with its forked tail and puff or multicolored butterflies.
Many other discoveries with this trip since rosewood is revealed at the edge of a sandy path or "Penjy", so long stems, vegetable fibers used to weave mats and other handicrafts. We arrive at the sea where swimming awaits you or fishing tek-tek, delicious shellfish (such as clams) you can enjoy an aperitif in the evening. The return of the east coast is by 4×4 after the picnic or lunch on site.

Duration : day, about. 3h00 walk

Difficulty : Easy.



In the wake of the crossing East / West, we cross the village Ambohidena, its vanilla and exploitation of eucalyptus and quinine, then the primary forest of Ambohidena, orchids and many endemic plant species. Lagoons and sand dunes in, we join the Black Lake, lieu « fadi », sacred to the surrounding population. Teal and wild ducks, unreal atmosphere and feelings of the end of the world ...

Duration : day, about. 4h00 walk

Difficulty : Easy.



Early morning, on extent during 3/4 hour north 4×4 to arrive at the start of the hike. Two stops on this journey for superb views.
Then, this is the way coves and inlets to discover a supernatural landscape ; Language of golden sand, une host more translucent, a setting worthy of Britain and some corals, porcelain, shellfish and small fish to decorate hiking. Between beach and land, la vanille, trees passenger, the king of all black birds whose head is surmounted by a plume, the cuckoo, you'll end up on a dune picnic, bathe and rinse in water of the river is dying in the sea. Back at sunset.

Duration : day, about. 5h00 walk

Difficulty : Easy.


Departure 6:30. The boat is in 45 minutes. Arrived on the beach, a guide will take you to the big waterfall which is actually three in number. We can see Sainte-Marie. One hour for canoe up the river Manompana which means "both at once" according to a legend. Then there are three hours of walking, easy uneven with some real difficulties if the rain soaked the course because we are going through major rice areas where we have knee. Other passages delicate, river crossings make this work, an adventure that resembles a jungle expedition.
This work is easier in summer. But the scenery is beautiful, the discovery of different woods, and rarer as rosewood and rosewood, elephant ears, des vintanos, Multipliants of palms, of ravenalas (traveler's tree) single or few whose difference is seen in trunk.
Birds, kingfisher, weaver, swallow, sparrowhawk, are to perceive or hear as rattles. During this escapade, with little chance of lemurs, Makis of whose traces can be seen crossing the bamboo which were devoured ... Then we come to the first waterfall where we stop for lunch or a, either a short break to leave for 3/4 time to explore the following two waterfalls. Last, an opportunity to swim reward all efforts…
We return in two hours and one hour canoe suivantla mangrove reaching Manompana. and leave for St. Mary boat.

Duration : Day, 4 to 5 hours of work

Difficulty : Easy or few difficulties, Depending on the weather.



These are 2000 to 3000 humpback whales that come to St. Mary all ans.à Bé Eden Guest House, we can often observe the beach.
To see closely, our boat is always ready to join the whales as they arise. After our driver will approach you for an unforgettable and will travel with you a few miles to discover other. An unforgettable experience !
Duration : two to three hours


THE cocoteraie : SNORKELING A Baignade

A walk between sky and sea to the north of the island which leads you to the Coconut, beach with a big tongue white sand. This place is surrounded by coves embedded in a green, and bordered by blue waves and white foam. This output may be you will find the wreck of a boat near, today, all are in search. But it is also the opportunity to dive with potatoes to admire the fish or striped bicolor. A beautiful swimming, then return a final activity, a trolling, Tuna, bonites, jacks and barracudas are often appointment.

Duration : A half-day



Departure 7:30. The crossing is in 20 minutes with the dolphins at the next appointment times. 7Anivorano kilometer from Pointe à Larrée and you spend half a day on a deserted beach under the casuarina trees bathed in sun.
The fine white sand will accompany you for a ride to the small neighboring village.

The mouth of the river Antsikara on the beach in Pointe à Larrée is not always feasible for the boat. But whenever we can borrow the passage, you will discover the shores of this beautiful place. A postcard for a superb sea bath.
To get, we cross the channel to Sainte Marie Bay Loukintsy, then slowly go up the coast to the hotel, time a small trolling.

Duration : half day



A half-hour boat ride and we arrive near the Bay Manompana, as privateers who had once take shelter in the event of cyclone. This berry contains indeed a perfect shelter against storms, by far the best on the east coast of Madagascar.
The password is easy, and wreck borders the north ; once back in the lagoon, this is wonder !
A lagoon bleu-vert, then a small sand fringed cape after which we discover the famous shelter : a perfect pond lined with mangrove, and not a ripple on the water even in windy.
Then the boat glides gently to the bottom of the bay, also named Bay Tintingue. Nice name is not it ?
We drop anchor near the pontoon local cottage, a nice simple place, wood and thatch dressed.
Before lunch, visit the village we discover a haven of peace. Sabreuse the track that crosses (3 4X4 days to get there from Tamatave) serves a multitude of boxes and small shops.
After a meal of fish, squid or crab, accompanied by a delicious local red rice, swim or nap under a palm caring.
In early afternoon, we take our boat back to Santa Maria, with a small detour to the Pointe Larrée, peninsula that separates from the mainland at the narrowest point of the channel Sainte Marie, barely 4 km.

Duration : day

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After crossing ¾ of an hour by boat to reach the east coast of the Big Island, Madagascar, we reach the mouth of the river Anove. The passage looks a bit difficult to find the pass and not fail or on the shore, or Caillasses bordering on the other edge of the mouth. This is the beginning of the adventure, the little thrill ...
But it is smoothly and without major difficulty that our driver engages in one of the most beautiful rivers in the East. His arm is as wide as those of the Loire or the Seine. Impressive pristine landscape throughout our river journey where we discover intact plant species such as Pandanus, tree used for weaving mats, huge bamboo, clove with gold leaf are covered under the sun.
At the bend of a meander, fifty wild ducks and teals wade and do not seem to know the human risk. Woodcock and snipe hide under leaves shore, there is no sound ...
We are moving slowly along the river, roses scatter tasks in trees, they are creepers "Paederia" and further magnificent
Cyperus prolifer family papyrus, green "pétants" dip their feet in fresh water close "elephant ears".
These so-called ears have medicinal properties. Petiole is burned and heated water that comes out disinfects wounds. But the brown cover that protects their feet also used for crafts, hat or mat fibers are woven through. During the last cyclone "Yvan" which was shot on the island, tuber served as a heron flies nourriture.Soudain crab, white when it flies and when it arises it is beige to blend in nature. Kingfishers view our line behind the boat hoping that we went back a tilapia, or small grouper, even a "kabocho" or sucker fish.
Some canoes pass loaded leaf clove, we stop at the village to buy lemons 'gas' and lemons "vaza".
After a final meander, we arrive at the foot of waterfalls impassable, the edge of which nestles a remote village, without a track to serve. And yet ... more than a thousand people, school, a municipality, and so nice and happy people to their fate !
After a swim in the waterfalls and a good picnic, we descend the river to reach the sea and return to St. Mary all dazzled cettejournée.

Duration : une journée, en ayant une journée de marge en cas de météo défavorable l’après-midi.


NOSY ATAFANA : An island of a thousand colors

On the east coast of Madagascar, opposite the village Sahasoa, this small island 1 000 ha is actually composed of three islets surrounded by a coral reef, true fringing reef submerged.
In addition to its outlandish beaches, turquoise sea offers a veritable marine park (protected nature reserve.). One can find various species of beautiful corals and tropical fish, full of small masters and groupers big enough in very shallow and, close to falling.
The largest of the three islands, Nosy Atafana, is a refuge for bats he shall hunt. This is also the breeding ground of various birds like black or white herons and other seabirds.
Nature is preserved on the land part and only a caretaker stays there and will guide you. Picnic on the beach or lunch Sahasoa.
Throughout this area, You can also see sea turtles or dolphins from August to September and obviously humpback whales that breed in the Antongil Bay from late June to mid-October.
To 3:00 p.m., we return to Antanambe for dinner and sleep in a warm and friendly house, the edge of a beach and a heavenly bay.
Back to Sainte-Marie in the morning.

Duration : a day and a half



When the north wind was, the boat sets sail at sunset for a night fishing "lantern". This traditional fishing line and the fun comes when the tip of the hook mackerel sparkle under the light spot. A true discovery of the art of Malagasy fishing when the dark night rises with the moon. The next, the chef prepare you
your barbecued for a day as beautiful as the previous night mackerel.

Duration : three o'clock