Departure to 8:00 to avoid the hot and you're off on a road trip to the village well to cross from west to east of the island. Trees "grésillia", a plain raffia, Cassava, the lingoza (red and black seed), plants that heal wounds, the fruit of the fern Tsitrapanga used for Chinese soups and many other plant and animal species that you will discover as you walk your. After crossing rice, and the dam, walking takes place in primary forest "Añalan-Janhan" where eucalyptus set the tone, are not present or in close you will also find this funny bird, black drongo with its forked tail and puff or multicolored butterflies.
Many other discoveries with this trip since rosewood is revealed at the edge of a sandy path or "Penjy", so long stems, vegetable fibers used to weave mats and other handicrafts. We arrive at the sea where swimming awaits you or fishing tek-tek, delicious shellfish (such as clams) you can enjoy an aperitif in the evening. The return of the east coast is by 4×4 après le pique-nique.

Duration : day, about. 3h00 walk

Difficulty : Easy.

In the wake of the crossing East / West, we cross the village Ambohidena, its vanilla and exploitation of eucalyptus and quinine, then the primary forest of Ambohidena, orchids and many endemic plant species. Lagoons and sand dunes in, we join the Black Lake, lieu « fadi », sacred to the surrounding population. Teal and wild ducks, unreal atmosphere and feelings of the end of the world ...

Duration : day, about. 4h00 walk

Difficulty : Easy.


Early morning, on extent during 3/4 hour north 4×4 to arrive at the start of the hike. Two stops on this journey for superb views.
Then, this is the way coves and inlets to discover a supernatural landscape,Language of golden sand, une host more translucent, a setting worthy of Britain and some corals, porcelain, shellfish and small fish to decorate hiking. Between beach and land, la vanille, trees passenger, the king of all black birds whose head is surmounted by a plume, the cuckoo, you'll end up on a dune picnic, bathe and rinse in water of the river is dying in the sea. Back at sunset.

Duration : day, about. 5h00 walk

Difficulty : Easy.


Departure 6:30. The boat is in 45 minutes. Arrived on the beach, a guide will take you to the big waterfall which is actually three in number. We can see Sainte-Marie. One hour for canoe up the river Manompana which means "both at once" according to a legend. Then there are three hours of walking, easy uneven with some real difficulties if the rain soaked the course because we are going through major rice areas where we have knee. Other passages delicate, river crossings make this work, an adventure that resembles a jungle expedition.
This work is easier in summer. But the scenery is beautiful, the discovery of different woods, and rarer as rosewood and rosewood, elephant ears, des vintanos, Multipliants of palms, of ravenalas (traveler's tree) single or few whose difference is seen in trunk.
Birds, kingfisher, weaver, swallow, sparrowhawk, are to perceive or hear as rattles. During this escapade, with little chance of lemurs, Makis of whose traces can be seen crossing the bamboo which were devoured ... Then we come to the first waterfall where we stop for lunch or a, either a short break to leave for 3/4 time to explore the following two waterfalls. Last, an opportunity to swim reward all efforts…
We return in two hours and one hour canoe suivantla mangrove reaching Manompana. and leave for St. Mary boat.

Duration : Day, 4 to 5 hours of work

Difficulty : Easy or few difficulties, depending on the weather.