An island of a thousand colors

On the east coast of Madagascar, opposite the village Sahasoa, this small island 1 000 ha actually consists of three islands surrounded by a barrier
coral, true fringing reef submerged.
In addition to its outlandish beaches, turquoise sea offers a veritable marine park (protected nature reserve.). One can find various species of beautiful corals and tropical fish, full of small masters and groupers big enough in very shallow and, close to falling.
The largest of the three islands, Nosy Atafana, is a refuge for bats he shall hunt. This is also the breeding ground of various birds like black or white herons and other seabirds.
Nature is preserved on the land part and only a caretaker stays there and will guide you. Picnic on the beach or lunch Sahasoa.
Throughout this area, You can also see sea turtles or dolphins from August to September and obviously humpback whales that
breed in the Antongil Bay from late June to mid-October.
To 3:00 p.m., we return to Antanambe for dinner and sleep in a warm and friendly house, the edge of a beach and a heavenly bay.

Back to Sainte-Marie in the morning.

Duration : two days