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Discovering endemic species specific to the north of the island, and other endemic species of Madagascar

On the trail of the palm tree

Discovery of the flora of the north of the island of Sainte-Marie with an endemic species, the palm tree “Dypsis sanctaemariae” and a tree of the endangered rosewood family, the "Dalbergia normandii". This hike starts early in the morning. From the start, we discover the shrub Tephrosia candida and a very useful tree here, the iron tree (Intsia) rot-proof wood. Then the Crotolaria with intense yellow flowers, the Dracaena reflexa whose inhabitants consume the flowers in broth adorn the road and seaside side, badamiers and veloutiers. At the end of the asphalt road, this is the first wonder, the Normandy Dalbergia, endangered. We then take a dirt path. Small purple flowers, Tachiadenus carinatus, eucalyptus and grévilea litter the course. We pass through flooded areas where only cyperus species and narrow-leaved cattail are standing. You see the rice fields and the traveller's trees. The track becomes sandy. We arrive in Amboudena forest where we see the ultimate goal of this hike, the endemic palm of Sainte-Marie Island, le Dypsis sanctaemariae. We go to the sea for a picnic and a swim. Return around 3:00 p.m..

The Ikalalao Forest

Ikalalao forest in French means "Forest of nocturnal butterflies" and is one of the three forest areas still present on Sainte Marie Island. It is a primary forest of 206 hectares located in the center-west of the island, which has an extraordinary flora and fauna with a huge number of animal species and varieties of plants that cannot be seen anywhere else. Although it is a protected area, Unfortunately, she is a victim of deforestation…Thus the Coua of Delalande, species of bird that is known only on this island, seems to have disappeared. But there are still many plants to observe and, also, interesting fauna. As you approach the forest you will already have plants that will start to arouse your curiosity such asAlafiaThouarsii or Hibiscus diversifalius. As soon as you enter the heart of the forest, you will be able to discover incredible trees such as the Mantalania longipedunculata, endemic to Sainte-Marie, le Dypsis lastelliana, the Dypsis fibrosa, where the Diospyros megaespalabaker, a variety of ebony, which are among the endemic plants of Madagascar. Fauna side, nocturnal lemurs, the Microcebus rufus, l’Uroplatus as well as many butterflies will enhance your hike. For the discovery of lemurs, departure must be at the end of the day, around 4:00 p.m.. Duration : 4h00.


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