Orchids, queens of the flower world

The island of Sainte Marie, only represents 0,000048 % from the surface of the earth but has more than twenty orchids and the garden of Sainte Marie Lodge, himself, hosts 18 varieties.
Orchids permeate the air with their subtle scent, especially in the early evening or early morning, and develop splendid colorful flowers., ranging from bright white to purple through yellow, orange. Let us quote the most emblematic, endemic to the island, the Queen of Madagascar (Eulophiella roempleriana). This epiphytic species with pink flowers, lilac and white grows specifically on a pandanus. The Star of Madagascar (Angraecum sesquipedale), is notable for its survival and reproduction strategy by producing nectar that a species of long-nosed moth feeds on, and pollinates it at the same time.
Eighteen orchids to discover in the heart of the tropical garden from April to December for flowering ...


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