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Rendezvous with the flowers

Flowers and flowering shrubs punctuate the tropical garden with colorful accents. We meet several varieties of hibiscus there, flamboyant dwarfs with three kinds of color.

Of course, the purple or white Madagascan Periwinkle is present and we know its virtues against cancer. We can also mention a plant endemic to Madagascar, rare, Madagascar's Brexia with toothed leaves and impermeable to rain. Each inflorescence can have between three and twelve flowers. The Star of Bethlehem, the star of Egypt in white tint and the Christmas star with bright red colored bracts adorn the array of colors.

Oleander, the scarlet red ixora, the Golden Trumpet with yellow funnel-shaped flowers and the very fragrant Clerodendrum umbellatum intimately surround the pool. To find in the garden, lots of other varieties.


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