Traveller's tree

Of course, in the garden throne the famous Tree of the traveler (Ravenala
madagascariensis), symbol of Madagascar and in particular of its company
Aerial. Its large leaves are also used to cover almost all Sainte-Marie roofs.. We also admire the Barringtonia asiatica called Bishop's Bonnet because of the shape of its fruits., the Frangipani, its very fragrant white flowers, the Tulip tree from Gabon with bright orange flowers or even the Iylang-ylang which is used in perfumery. Of course, the Palm trees, the oldest plant species since 80 million years are not left out : Coconut trees, one hundred, and Raphia farinifera, the Palmier in Betel, the Eleis of Guinea. Let’s not forget fruit trees like the avocado tree, the corossolier, the lemon tree, or even the mango tree or the lychee to taste from November ...


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