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You want to invest in improving the everyday life of the inhabitants of the village and the surrounding villages ?

Madagascar is one of the poorest countries on the planet. A Sainte Marie, it's a little better : no absolute misery, everyone has a roof over their heads and something to eat, the children are in school. But the needs are no less great.
In our villages, several local actors (associations and individuals) try to make their contribution to the well-being of the population, and ask for the help of all goodwill. We are very involved, and are available to help make their involvement concrete visitors who wish to help, by their skills, a few days taken from their vacation time, the provision of various materials, or simply financial aid.It is also an excellent occupation for a long stay, for example by renting one of the villas, allowing in-depth skills support.

Les Enfants de Zazakely

CHILDREN, home for the most disadvantaged children

A few steps from Sainte Marie Lodge, Michele, a French aged 76 years living in our village, has created and developed for nearly twenty years a home that takes in the poorest children, orphans or without family support.
Zazakely works like a pension : children are accommodated, fed, dressed, bleached. They go to the village primary school, and benefit from daily study support. For two years, two middle school classes started, avoiding children, 16 km of walking per day to reach the nearest college. The home also has a medical center (ultrasound, electrocardiogram) and dental, a rehabilitation room, who treats nearly a hundred children, but also all the villagers who request it.
Already well supported medically, above all, this center needs help with the education and early development of children ; for example French lessons, manual activities, theater and expression, various animations, that can lead any experienced person, even without a qualifying diploma. Ideal for a long stay in Sainte Marie.

Anivorano Gardens

The vegetable gardens of the municipality of Anivorano

Farmers from the village have organized themselves into an association, to promote the extension of market gardening.
On this site, on the page “The Ecoresponsible Living Environment”, you can see how Catherine and Bertrand, hotel owners, have created and are developing an agricultural cooperative "Terre Saint-Marienne" to provide the association with material resources, training appropriate to the needs of farmers and outlets for their production.
You can visit these vegetable gardens, discover the very simple but effective methods of the peasants, without any chemicals but with a lot of work.
Organic in its purest form !
They will be delighted to be valued by your attention, and you can help them with your know-how, and by your donations of any kind.

The village school

The Primary School of the municipality of Anivorano

The average age in Sainte Marie is 24 years ! This is the number of young children, they are more than three hundred to attend the primary school of the municipality. This school has good quality premises, and a teaching staff who, thanks to their skills, do what they can.
But the means are sorely lacking : school materials and supplies, furniture, sports and entertainment equipment, without forgetting the lack of electricity and internet access, or educational support for teachers and children.
All the goodwill are welcome, as long as they are long-term, in particular for the teaching of subjects such as French or mathematics.


Handicrafts are highly developed in Madagascar, the shops of the capital of Sainte Marie Island are full of all kinds of items. But very few products are made here, almost everything comes from the Big Island. And yet, in our villages in the north of the island, know-how is not lacking: basketwork and braiding with raffia and penjy, wood carving, jams, smoked fish, coconut and Ylang-ylang oil, growing and drying vanilla, harvest of cloves and distillation of clove oil, and even an old lady who makes beautiful braided Panama hats, tailored !
Two women's collectives have been formed over the past few years : the association "Women Artists", supporting women and girls in difficulty whose products Sainte-Marie Lodge distributes and the Rouge Beauté association in Ambatoro, village at 8 km from us.
It was a success but the Covid reduced their sales to zero, everything remains to be done to get these two associations back on track. !


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