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Our tropical garden

Nature addicts

Within the village of Anivorano, dans le Nord de l’île Sainte Marie, is home to a tropical garden of about one hectare, nestled in a large bay, sheltered from prevailing winds.

Durant 12 years, Catherine and Bertrand patiently planted a wide variety of plant species, some of which are endemic to Madagascar or to Sainte-Marie Island itself., thus transforming an almost bare land into a magnificent tropical garden. Nowadays, more than a hundred species are thus present in the park, offering the visitor's gaze shadows and lights.

You will leave from your first steps at Sainte Marie Lodge in a universe of very green foliage and bright flowers of color, an unreal welcoming domain, conducive to well-being ...

Orchids, queens of the flower world

The island of Sainte Marie, only represents 0,000048 % from the surface of the earth but has more than twenty orchids and the garden of Sainte Marie Lodge, himself, hosts 18 varieties.
Orchids permeate the air with their subtle scent, especially in the early evening or early morning, and develop splendid colorful flowers., ranging from bright white to purple through yellow, orange. Let us quote the most emblematic, endemic to the island, the Queen of Madagascar (Eulophiella roempleriana). This epiphytic species with pink flowers, lilac and white grows specifically on a pandanus. The Star of Madagascar (Angraecum sesquipedale), is notable for its survival and reproduction strategy by producing nectar that a species of long-nosed moth feeds on, and pollinates it at the same time.
Eighteen orchids to discover in the heart of the tropical garden from April to December for flowering ...

Flowers and flowering shrubs

Rendezvous with the flowers

Flowers and flowering shrubs punctuate the tropical garden with colorful accents. We meet several varieties of hibiscus there, flamboyant dwarfs with three kinds of color.

Of course, the purple or white Madagascan Periwinkle is present and we know its virtues against cancer. We can also mention a plant endemic to Madagascar, rare, Madagascar's Brexia with toothed leaves and impermeable to rain. Each inflorescence can have between three and twelve flowers. The Star of Bethlehem, the star of Egypt in white tint and the Christmas star with bright red colored bracts adorn the array of colors.

Oleander, the scarlet red ixora, the Golden Trumpet with yellow funnel-shaped flowers and the very fragrant Clerodendrum umbellatum intimately surround the pool. To find in the garden, lots of other varieties.

Traveller's tree

Of course, in the garden throne the famous Tree of the traveler (Ravenala
madagascariensis), symbol of Madagascar and in particular of its company
Aerial. Its large leaves are also used to cover almost all Sainte-Marie roofs.. We also admire the Barringtonia asiatica called Bishop's Bonnet because of the shape of its fruits., the Frangipani, its very fragrant white flowers, the Tulip tree from Gabon with bright orange flowers or even the Iylang-ylang which is used in perfumery. Of course, the Palm trees, the oldest plant species since 80 million years are not left out : Coconut trees, one hundred, and Raphia farinifera, the Palmier in Betel, the Eleis of Guinea. Let’s not forget fruit trees like the avocado tree, the corossolier, the lemon tree, or even the mango tree or the lychee to taste from November ...

Eighteen orchids to discover in the heart of the tropical garden from April to December for flowering ...


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