The dinner

Une carte variée vous et proposée, avec un plat du jour différent chaque jour de la semaine.

Fishermen or farmers ...

Fishermen or farmers come every morning or mid-afternoon to sell their products.

Noble fish, like the grouper, the bourgeois and the white tuna, oysters and mussels, lobster and sea cicada, giraffe crab and mangrove crab, squid and cuttlefish are your treat at every meal.

Le plat du jour...

Le plat du jour vous emmène à la découverte de nouvelles saveurs, crossing the Indian Ocean and Europe marrying potato Vanilla, carrot ginger or orange. You will taste for example a carpaccio of zucchini with lime or a salad of coconut from the garden, a place, a breaded fish filet in English, white pasta, Maltese or a rougail sausage "to Boubonnaise" sauce, and vanilla ice cream for dessert, milk jam or stewed bananas in currants.

You can of course have lunch and snacks at the hotel..

You can of course have lunch and a snack at the hotel, but also on the route of your excursions, where we have selected for you "road" restaurants and small local restaurants, with simple but tasty specialties. For example the stuffed crab and the coconut chicken at Louise, on the bay of Ampanihy, grilled lobster at Emile at the Natural Pools, or the zebu fillet at Eric's near the city.

Vegetarian and vegan menus on request
Picnic on request


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