La cuisine de Sainte Marie Lodge peut se résumer par cette formule, authentic flavors with natural products revisited.

Constantly looking for new creations and always inspired, Catherine combines talent with classic and exotic flavors. To prepare their dishes, it prioritizes the use of locally produced foods including all seafood.

Catherine aidée de Gervais revisits each country work as papaya blown, pineapple lollipop with dark chocolate from Madagascar, concocts a tomato tartare with mint, carpaccio lasagna zebu or lobster stew.
Ravioli or cannelloni with crab mushrooms or chanterelles Paris, des nems farcis à la langouste ou un duo coco citron vert en mousse délicate régaleront aussi vos papilles. Ces derniers temps, elle a adapté une recette de Jean-François Piège, grand Chef, le calamar à la carbonara.

This is a kitchen “experience” or “adventure”, sophisticated, wherein each greedy can get into shape by providing sensations of softness with desserts, enjoying a salad coconut flavored, and for your viewing pleasure, plates upright in all variations of colors and fragrances ...