Free Activities

If you decide to stay at St. Mary Lodge, activities do not miss. Relaxation, remise one shape ou sport : make your choice…

The pools

Hotel Sainte-Marie Lodge has a beautiful pool where the view is lost in the blue horizon of the sea and sky. It shows the Grande Terre Madagascar seems suspended in the water. This is a private pool. It has an open secluded behind a trunk "foutabe" shower sky. At any hour of the day, you can refresh yourself and if a little fitness suits you, water aerobics are offered wholes morning between 9:00 and 9:30.

Les mer kayaks

They are available from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.. Exercise pleasures where you may have the opportunity to see whales frolic during the not very far from you. Explore the many small coves along the coast.

The coral garden

One of the finest snorkelling sites Sainte Marie
To reach your masks and snorkels, to 100 meters from the hotel,, dive into the marine world to discover beautiful coral including brain coral, raspberry coral or coral plateau. Multicolored species of fish navigate between the corals like the convict fish or you will come across a torpedo ray or a moray eel brushing against the anemones under the gaze of cowries or sea urchins ...

Small fishing

We will lend you a rod and hop ... in tide. The kitchen will prepare your booty !!!

Books and games

When the couch or table games invites you ... 3000 books for all ages, et le tarot, le scrabble, failures, Good pay, etc.. For fun ... great and small. Films or television for fans of black screens ...


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