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SAINTE MARIE LODGE, a unique place in the end of the world ... for those fleeing mass tourism and look for authenticity, contact with nature and with the "other".
« Sainte Marie Lodge », hotel 8 suites and 2 single rooms is a unique place, atypical, where the wife as both originality, Authenticity, elegance, the simplicity, and comfort. A real intimate and refined refuge for those seeking places out of time, integrated with a local feel, a certain lifestyle, "A little extra soul".
In a tree-acre park, beachfront, a beauty of tropical vegetation with coconut nonchalant, its blood-red flowers, its fragrant frangipani, orchids unearthed in the forests of the region and successfully transplanted, the main house was completely renovated in 2017 by its owners Catherine and Bertrand, has the charm of a colonial house with its large veranda ..., its wooden floors and white walls, its villas discreetly integrated in the park. An atmosphere full of beauty, with antique furniture "recustomisé", ses statues, its history objects. A marriage between modernity and tradition shrouded in white and ivory offers guests an intimate atmosphere, where they feel invited, among friends.

A half hour from the city, dans la partie nord de l’île, wild and authentic, no water or electricity, St. Mary Lodge lives in full autonomy, but with all the modern comforts, with minimal impact on the surrounding nature.

Hotel Sainte Marie

Generators run constantly, except from 5:00 to 6:30 and 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.. Accommodation: rooms, suites and spacious villas with terrace or veranda, private bathroom and WC, cleaning and laundry daily and free. Wifi and 24h / 24h switchboard, 7j/7j. Reception, Airport private transfers or port, 24h/24h, 7j/7j. Management presents on site, Available 24h / 24h.