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Discovering Sainte-Marie Island ... authenticity, simplicity and intimism.
Feet in the water, Jo and her team welcome you in an intimate setting on one hectare of tropical park with a swimming pool and 3 villas, and 2 rooms in the main house, with "country" decoration, traveller's tree leaves on the roofs, precious wood floors, and European comfort.
It will make you discover still privileged places where you find yourself alone in the world, guide you to appreciate the multiple facets of its nature, of its flora (plus de 120 cash in the park, dont 18 orchids), of its deserted beaches, and its fauna, in particular the humpback whales.
You will enjoy the very varied landscapes, people to meet, fruits and vegetables to taste, succulent culinary specialties to taste, traditional massages to relax you and many other experiences to enjoy.
As for friends, it takes you to discover the northern half of the island, untouched by modernism and mass tourism. Authentic villages, with small wooden boxes, a large half of the island that has remained untouched by supermarkets, nightclubs and other places of frantic consumption. Human encounters with friendly Saint-Mariens and other local artisans but also swimming on the most beautiful beaches of Sainte Marie, and hikes in the countryside, where rice fields and fruit trees rub shoulders with unmarked paths.
One hour from the city, dans la partie nord de l’île, wild and authentic, no water or electricity, St. Mary Lodge lives in full autonomy, but with all the modern comforts, with minimal impact on the surrounding nature.
Bedrooms, very spacious suites and villas with terraces or verandas, private bathroom and WC, cleaning and laundry daily and free. Wifi and 24h / 24h switchboard, 7j/7j. Reception, Airport private transfers or port, 24h/24h, 7j/7j. Management presents on site, Available 24h / 24h.

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