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The phrase "Discovery" includes :
The cocktail reception
The ½ pension, drinks.

And the 3 These excursions:

Boat, « La Cocoteraie »

A walk between sky and sea to the north of the island which leads you to the Coconut, beach with a big tongue white sand. This place is surrounded by coves embedded in a green, and bordered by blue waves and white foam. This output may be you will find the wreck of a boat near, today, all are in search. But it is also the opportunity to dive with potatoes to admire the fish or striped bicolor. A beautiful swimming, then return a final activity, a trolling, Tuna, bonites, jacks and barracudas are often appointment.
During "Whale Watching", July 1 8 September, this excursion is replaced by an output observation Whales, a period of about 2 hours.
Duration : A half-day

Car trips, Natural Swimming Pools

Foaming in green chromes, blue, white and gray !
Natural pools are near the village of Ambodirano you pick the look, at the northern tip of St. Mary, at the end of a beautiful red clay track.
Le fady (prohibited) this sacred place, put your feet in the water with his shoes but once removed, you can throw coins in a despiscines to make a wish, or swim along the immense beaches protected by a granite barrier.
A diner on the beach, Chez Emile, serves one of the best lobster on the island, facing the ocean swells.
After the meal, a walk of half an hour takes you to the beautiful view of the beach of the East ... 15 km of sand and rollers !
For fans of bodyboarding, the last pool will give you the pleasures of skiing.
Duration : Day

Hiking and mountain biking, avec guide

A course about eight miles of walking, in rice fields and forests, to discover the richness and diversity of the flora of St. Mary, particularly endemic orchids perched on tree trunks.
Duration : une journée

A provision also: Pool, ATV, kayak, bowling, masks, tuba, fin, planches de bodyboard.

until 7/01/2020 :


adultes 337€, children - 12 ans 190€

Minimum deux adultes, Suite in doublebed



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